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1. How often can I use Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Oil?
Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Oil is safe to use on the hair and scalp everyday. I recommend to my customers that they warm Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Oil and apply to scalp and throughtout the hair for best results.

2. Is Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Oil applied to wet or dry hair?
Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Oil is most often applied to dry hair and scalp. You can use Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Oil on damp hair or before you go swimming in chlorinated pools.

3. How long do I leave Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Oil on my hair/scalp?
Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Oil can be used as a leave-in-conditioner. The longer you leave the oil on your hair the more your hair and scalp will benefit from the ayurvedic herbs and the better your results.

4. I am on medication, can I use Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Oil or Shampoo?
Yes, our products are made from natural herbs infused in a base of olive oil and is safe for use if you are taking medication or pregnant.

5. I am experiencing hair thinning and hair loss, will Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Oil help me?
Yes, our oil was formulated with natural herbs. These special herbs strengthen the active hair follicles from within; restores healthy scalp, which aids in re-growth and lessens hair loss. Results will vary, but you will see beneficial results with continued use.

6. How often can I use Ancient Ayurvedic Shampoo?
Ancient Ayurvedic Shampoo is safe to use every day and for both men and women. Ancient Ayurvedic Shampoo is formulated without harsh chemicals and is gentle on the scalp and hair. Our companion oil and shampoo are formulated to nourish the scalp and hair, lessen hair loss, giving your hair body and shine.

7. Can I use Ancient Ayurvedic Shampoo if my hair is color or chemicially treated?
Yes, our shampoo is formulated without harsh chemicals that strip or fade hair color.

8. Do I need to use hair conditioner after using Ancient Ayurvedic Shampoo?
You can use your own hair conditioner, but our shampoo is formulated with herbs that condition the hair. Many customers have claimed that they do not need to condition their hair after shampooing with Ancient Ayurvedic Shampoo.


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