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Here’s what our many satisfied customers have to say:

"Ancient Ayurvedic has been a true hair-saver! My hair is thinning while I am at a very young age. Between heredity and stress my hair has changed more over the past 5 years than is desirable.By using Jamila's products on a regular basis I have seen a dramatic difference and so have my family and friends. The products are just wonderful. I feel great about the product I am putting in my hair because they work. Jamila's products are genuine, authentic and trustworthy. I would and do recommend Ancient Ayurvedic to everybody!"

"I started using Ancient Ayurvedic about one year ago. My hair is extremely "fine" and has always been dry. For the first time in many years I am growing out my hair without split and breaking ends. My hair has never looked healthier!! I highly recommend Ancient Ayurvedic to anyone wanting healthier, prettier hair at half the cost of salon products!"
- Cheri L. - Austin TX

I have used Ancient Ayurvedic for 6 months, and it has made such a significant change in my hair. I have very coarse, curly and dry hair. Ancietn Ayurvedic has made my hair soft, more manageable and has taken care of the frizz. For a curly-headed girl, this is a revelation! It has replaced my conditioner, making hair products more cost effective too. I am so grateful to these products!
-Jenny B. - Austin, TX

My eyebrows were a mess when I went in for the first time. I started using the eyebrow oil and it helped my eyebrows gain length and thickness and it was all natural! Ancient Ayurvedic is the go to product for my hair!
- Amneh

I was losing clumps of hair with every shower or brushing(hormonal). I started using the Ancient Ayurvedic shampoo and I am no longer losing clumps of hair!! I love this stuff. It makes my hair fuller and healthier. I have been using it almost a year now. I would recommend this product to anyone.
- Jackie D.- Austin, TX

Jamila is a very skilled threading expert who has been in business for years. She also offers eyebrow tinting and wax services. She sells an Ayurvedic hair growth system which works as well bc it has castor oil and other gentle all natural herbs in it as well. Castor oil is great for hair growth! She also sells an all natural oil product which will grow out your eyebrows as well. And you can buy rosewater here too. Highly recommend her!
- Kelly K. - Austin, TX



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